Tuesday, December 24, 2013

San Francisco: Lunch at Mocca Cafe

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This year, my dad and I decided to skip the whole cold wintery Christmas and head west for a food and wine-filled San Francisco holiday. 

To try out something new, I am going to be live blogging all of the foodie adventures I have on the trip. 

I arrived at 10am this morning, a few hours before my dad, checked into my hotel near Union Square and started to wander. I followed the recommendation of my mom, and sought out a little cafe right off Union Square on Maiden Lane, called Mocca Cafe. I'm trying out this whole live blogging thing as I sit here enjoying it. 

As an introduction to the SF food scene this place is fantastic. My only disappointment is that the seafood salad had mussels in it, and I am allergic! But it looks absolutely amazing. 

Not to worry, I got the veggie sandwich with roasted eggplant, tomato and portobello mushrooms on a crusty baguette. 

The vegetables are lightly coated in a delicious herb marinade and and fall apart at the lightest bite. 

The sides all also look amazing.  Since I couldn't resist, I also got a side of avocado with a little tomato salad inside. I am California (foodie) dreaming already! 

We are headed to Perbacco for dinner tonight so check back later for the review! 

Merry Christmas Eve to all those celebrating! 


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