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We've lived in the District, eaten in the District, and cooked in the District. Now, we part ways and share our food love from two different cities!

Liz continues to reside in DC and has loved watching the city’s food scene evolve and grow. She'll continue to attempt to sample all of the offerings the city has to offer--a feat that gets harder and harder as options multiply! 

After nearly 10 years, Amanda has uprooted from DC  to move to Atlanta to pursue her MBA. She'll be sharing her cooking and dining experiences from the Southern state of Georgia.

Neither of us could be more excited to share our love of food, and of our respective cities, with you! We endeavor to bring you delicious recipes, share our cooking escapades-both the successes and the failures-and open your eyes [and tummy] to some restaurant gems around DC and Atlanta.


Liz & Amanda

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