Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taqueria Nacional

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Two weeks ago, Liz and I checked out the newly opened Taqueria Nacional. Taqueria was a former Capital Hill joint and earned high marks from reviewers on Yelp.  They closed in early 2012 and were supposed to re-open in the late fall of 2012 on T Street just off 14th Street. They finally reopened a few weeks ago and we are happy to welcome them to our neighborhood!  The space, both outside and in, is absolutely gorgeous.  Latin American style frescoes adorn the walls and a huge window opens to the bustling activity on the street.

The food is served in a line-style fashion, where you walk up, place your order and shuffle down the line specifying what toppings you want on your food.  Not only does Taqueria serve tacos, but they also serve tostadas, quesadillas, salads, and an array of delicious sides.  The menu is expansive and reasonably priced.

I sampled two tacos: one steak and one carnitas (pork).  The soft corn taco shells were steamed on the grill using a piece of cloth to cover them and maintain the steam.  I added cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and a spicy green sauce to complete my meal.  The meat was incredibly flavorful and perfectly cooked, though I did prefer the steak over the carnitas. The toppings I added enhanced the flavors and tied the food together.  I did have to go back and ask for a bit more sauce, which I was charged $.50 for.  Next time I’ll just ask for extra in the line.  The tacos, although they appear small in size were incredibly filling!  Two was more than enough for a small lunch, and left me full until dinner time.  At a price of $7 for the entire meal, who could ask for more than that?

Liz wasn't super hungry, but decided to order two tacos anyways. Typical. She got the chicken and the egg taco. No one is ever the best judge when they are not hungry, but she really enjoyed her meal. Neither of us had ever seen scrambled eggs in a taco before, but mixed with chiles and guacamole, who wouldn't like it? Delicious. The chicken tacos were standard, but the owner (seen below) gave Liz a heaping portion. At a $3 price point, we were both really satisfied. 

Overall, we loved Taqueria Nacional and are excited to have an affordable fast dining option on the 14th Street Corridor.  We can’t wait to go back and try some of their other offerings.  I know I will be ordering a salad the next time I’m there.  They looked huge and delicious.  A bar also features some delicious beverages including frozen margaritas and draft beers.  Welcome to the neighborhood Taqueria Nacional, we will definitely be back soon!

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