Friday, February 20, 2015

Sugarfish: LA Sushi Franchise

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Last night we went to dinner at Sugarfish- a sushi restaurant with a handful of locations around LA.  In DC, I resent any restaurant that has chainified itself, i.e. sold out for quantity over quality. But I can't say that quality or quantity were sacrificed at Sugarfish. I was super impressed by both the stellar quality sushi and unique array of fish served. 
Although you can order a la carte, most diners at Sugar Fish opt for one of the pre-selected meals coming with an assortment of sushi pieces and hand rolls. We decided to go this route and ordered the "Trust Me" option (there's also a "Trust Me Lite" and a bigger version called the "Trust Me Nozawa"). 

First each party gets a small plate of edamame. Standard and simple. 
The first fish dish was tuna sashimi. It was served in a light broth, although I am sad to say I forgot to ask what was in it. We also dipped in soy sauce for extra flavor. 
A unique part of the meal was trying albacore tuna- yes, the same stuff they use to make canned tuna. I had low expectations but was surprised by the light flavor. A nice touch is that the generous portions of fish are draped over warm rice. I find it hard to describe sushi, so aside from naming the fish, I think I will let the pictures do the talking. 
Salmon sushi topped with toasted sesame seeds. Almost left a slight taste of bagels and lox in my mouth-in a good way! 
I opted for tuna instead of the raw scallop. 
Glistening yellowtail. 
Toro hand roll. If you eat it when it first comes out, the nori is crispy and perfectly compliments the soft rice and fatty tuna. 
Lastly, a blue crab handroll. By this point, I was so stuffed, I could barely finish it. But I loved every bite.  
Today we are off to Palm Springs for an overnight spa retreat! See you in the desert!


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