Thursday, February 19, 2015

Huckleberry: Live blogging Los Angeles

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Last year I live blogged my week in SF with links to all of my favorite food destinations (See: This week I am back on the west coast visiting my best friend, Martie, and I will be live blogging all of the delicious food I discover. Hope you'll join me on the journey!

For breakfast today, we are in Santa Monica at an adorable cafe called Huckleberry. It reminds me of a local version of Le Pain Quotidian.
To order you walk up to the counter and place an order. It is almost impossible not to be tempted by the array of fresh salads and baked good arrayed before you. The breakfast offerings are mainly egg based, ranging from simple breakfast sandwiches to elaborate vegetable and meat bowls topped with fried or poached eggs.  
To share Martie ordered us a side of carrots, boldly stating they are the best carrots she has had. I have to say I agree. Unlike most cooked carrot dishes, which are overly sweet, these carried a savory note. They were lightly roasted and topped with an unlikely combination of avocado, cilantro, caraway seeds and a light lemon infusion. They were both refreshing and decadent at the same time. 
As my main, I ordered a quinoa bowl topped with market fresh vegetables and two sunny side up eggs. The vegetables included roasted butternut squash and caramalized onions. 
I mixed the whole thing up to spread the egg goodness all around. If I made this dish myself, I might add something green and something red, but I can't really complain. For such a healthy breakfast, this was packed with flavor.  
Martie went with eggs poached in a tomato lentil stew. She compared the dish to shakshuka- the formidable middle eastern eggs baked in tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese. Her only complaint was that the sauce was a tad sweet. This was definitely one of the heartier options on the menu, but didn't leave her feeling uncomofortably full. 
Since breakfast we have been strolling around the Santa Monica downtown. I have to admit I understand the appeal of the Cali lifestyle. 

Until dinner time!


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