Friday, December 27, 2013

San Francisco: Frances

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Last night we ate a staggering meal in San Francisco at Frances.

We started with baked clams with chives, bacon, and cherry tomatos. Rich, savory, creamy, and delicious. 



Next we got a linguine appetizer with green garlic and big, savory, melt-in-your- mouth shrimp. They were incredible.  

I love fish, so for my entree I got the black cod with a sunchoke and chanterelle confit. It was light and delicious. 

My dad got the bivette steak. Similar to a flank steak but thicker and served over farro grains.  Rich, succulent, and delicious. 

At a recommendation, we got the lumberjack cake. It's hard to imagine a  fruit, nut and date cake in such a delicate setting, but if was incredibly light.

Overall, unbelievable meal from Frances. Thank you, California. 


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