Thursday, December 26, 2013

San Francisco: A Chinatown Christmas

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Christmas in Chinatown is madness. Spicy, savory madness.  I have never seen so many people jonesing for Chinese food at the same time.  We waited over an hour to get into the famous Sichuan place, Z&Y on Jackson Street!  But I can attest it was worth the wait!

Since I really have no idea what ingredients were in most of our dishes, this will mainly be a photo essay.
First we got the Tan Tan noodles.  They were coated in a light but flavorful chile oil.  Not too spicy.  This was both of our favorite dish.
Next we got the crispy garlic shrimp. They were fried and coated in a panko breadcrumband jalapeño coating, with extra for topping. I've never had shrimp served in this dry manner, but it was delicious. 
 Next we got a scallion pancake that was rolled with thinly sliced beef and cucumbers.  Like a Sichuan burrito, this was perfect to dip in all of the different sauces from our other dishes. 
Our spiciest, though by no means the spiciest of the Sichuan dishes, was the Sichuan Chicken.  Served in a sauce of Serrano chilis, red and green bell peppers, and onions, this was perfect over steamed rice.
There are a lot of great options in Chinatown.  We also tried to go to R&G Lounge and Great Eastern - both of which are Cantonese. The crowds were too much!  Here is a shot just trying to get in the door at Great Eastern! 
But we both were really happy with Z&Y.  Since we were a little unfamiliar with Sichuan cuisine,it was a unique and totally different dining experience. 
Hope you all had a lovely holiday! We are off to the Mission District today!


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